20th of Last Seed, 4E 201

Before leaving the inn I asked about work. They told me the Jarl's men had come by with a bounty lettter. Something about a bandit leader. As I neared Whiterun I spotted a giant. Three people were fighting the beast and looked like they needed help. With my assistance the giant went down quickly. Once it was dead a woman approached me. Her name was Aela. She told me about the Companions and told me I might be able to join. When I got to the doors of Whiterun a guard stopped me and told me the city was closed. I told him I had news from Helgen. He unlocked the door and let me in. I soon reached Dragonsreach. The Jarl's keep. When I tried to approach the Jarl I was stopped by a Dunmer. She asked me why I was here. I told her the same thing I told the guard outside. The Jarl told Irileth to send more guards to Riverwood and rewarded me with new armor. He then told me he had some work for me. We went to see his court wizard. He told me to go to Bleak Falls Barrow to get something called a "Dragonstone." I told him I already found it and handed him the odd stone I had found before. When I asked about a reward he directed me to the Jarl. Before I could go get my reward Irileth came in and told Farengar and I about a dragon being spotted nearby. The Jarl told me to go help Irileth fight the dragon. Irileth, the guards, and I went to the western watchtower. When we arrived there was no dragon there but while we were looking around to find out what happened it came back. It was a long and difficult battle but when my mace crushed it's skull it died. Something odd started to happen after that. It began to burn. I felt a power pass into me from the dragon's corpse and all that was left afterwards was a skeleton. The guards called me "Dragonborn." One of them told me to try to shout. I spoke a word I did not know..."Fus"...and I could shout like that draugr I had faced in Bleak Falls Barrow. I spoke an ancient tongue. As I approached Whiterun I felt the earth shake under me and heard someone speak. The voices said "Dovahkiin." The Jarl told me those voices were the greybeards calling me to High Hrothgar. I was named thane of Whiterun and a woman named Lydia became my personal housecarl. I rented a room at the bannered mare. I will be going to High Hrothgar as soon as I can. -Fenris Shield-Render


I feel like this one was kinda short. Oh well.