21st of Last Seed, 4E 201

I was attacked several times along the way to Ivarstead. Mostly wolves but there were a couple of sabre cats. Not far from Whiterun I met an orc who wished for a good death...I gave him his good death. I also cleared out a bandit camp along the way. The bandit chief was the only one who put up much of a fight. I contracted two diseases. Rockjoint from a wolf and Witbane from a sabre cat. Soon after I killed the second sabre cat I was approached by a Khajiit thief. He told me to hand over my money. I don't tolerate thieves. Soon after I was attacked by a frostbite spider and a little further down the road from there I found a Khajiit selling skooma. I guess those rumors about Khajiit are true. So far one tried to steal from me while another tried to sell me drugs. I'm glad I killed both of them. It was almost nightfall before I reached Ivarstead. I'm ill and injured and now I'm not so sure coming here was the right thing to do... -Fenris Shield-Render