22nd of Last Seed, 4E 201

Just before I started my climb up the 7000 steps I met a man named Klimmek who delivers supplies to High Hrothgar. He asked me to deliver his supplies for him. I decided that since I was going up there anyway I might as well do it. Along the way I was attacked by several wolves and at one point I drank something called "Sleeping tree sap" which I mistook for a health potion. Eventually I found a frost troll. After the long battle Lydia and I continued up the steps. We soon reached High Hrothgar. I was barely able to continue standing. A man named Arngier spoke to me. He had me demonstrate my power. The greybeards then taught me the next word of the unrelenting force shout, "Ro". They had me use my thu'um against spectral targets. Afterwards they taught me a completely new shout, "Wuld". Once my training with the greybeards was done I made my way down the mountain and back into the inn. I rented the room again and fell onto the bed in exaustion and illness. -Fenris Shield-Render