23rd of Last Seed, 4E 201

Before I left Ivarstead I spoke to Klimmek. He rewarded me for helping him by giving me 500 septims. On a bridge not too far from Ivarstead I met a Khajiit named M'aiq the liar. He told me not to try blocking with two weapons and that he prefers to adventure alone rather than with friends. The trip was rather peaceful and relaxing until an orc attacked me on the road. I continued along the road and it was once again very peaceful...but now it got a  little boring. Eventually I encountered some bandits along the road. It made things more interesting but they didn't last very long. I soon reached Whiterun. Just outside of Whiterun there was a Khajiit caravan. I sold the Khajiit everything I would not need. I also bought a potion of cure disease. After I had cured myself I went to the inn and rented a room. -Fenris Shield-Render


Yeah. Pretty short one today. Not much happened this time. I promise the next one will be more eventful.