24th of Last Seed, 4E 201 

I took a carriage to Morthal and started to make my way to Ustengrav when a dragon attacked. The dragon wasn't too hard now that I had some experience fighting dragons. We continued towards Ustengrav. There was a necromancer guarding the entrance and a few more inside. The draugr killed the necromancers inside which made things easier for me. I began to make my way through the ruin until I found a large room with another wall like the one in Bleak Falls Barrow. I also found these odd stones that when I pass them they glow and open the gates. I soon discovered I would have to use my whirlwind sprint shout to get through. The next room was filled with frostbite spiders. After the spiders were dead Lydia and I moved on to the next room. Large iron structures came out of the water as I entered. When I got to where the horn should be I found a note instead. The note told me to go to the sleeping giant inn in Riverwood. I walked back to Morthal and rented a room at the inn. -Fenris Shield-Render