Before I actually get to the story I will explain what it is about. This is a love story about a man named Pilp and a dragon named Grigori

Chapter one: Pilp meets Grigori

A young man named Pilp (His name was really Pedro but people called him Pilp...well really just one person...meh) was adventuring (As most Brazilians do) when he found a cave. He wandered into the cave and found a dragon. Pilp was scared. He thought he was gonna die. The dragon spoke. "I am Grigori." He said "I have never seen such a beautiful human." Pilp blushed at the compliment. Grigori and Pilp spent the night together. Pilp woke up early the next morning. He looked over at Grigori and he knew at that moment it was true love. Soon Pilp felt feelings he never felt before. He wanted to love Grigori and spend the rest of his life with him but at the same time he felt like his love was wrong. He could not love Grigori no matter how much he wanted to. 

Chapter two: "He stole my heart"

Pilp left before Grigori woke up. He tried to turn his love for Grigori into hate. He tried to fight his love. He wanted to kill Grigori. When someone (that was me!) asked him "What has Grigori ever done to you" Pilp replied "Well, he stole my heart." And after that everyone knew. They knew that Pilp loved Grigori. A few tried to get him to admit his love and stop fighting his feelings. They tried to get Pilp to return to Grigori and show his love. Pilp kept fighting. He thought he could not love a dragon, especially not Grigori. Pilp trained and prepared. He was now on a mission. He was going to kill Grigori. "He swept me off my feet and stole my heart."

Chapter three: Pilp can't fight this feeling anymore

Pilp's heart was stolen but Grigori's heart was broken. Grigori had loved Pilp so much but Pilp had left early in the morning. Grigori wondered if Pilp had loved him. Grigori sent Pilp many letters but got no response. After that Grigori sent Pilp a nude pic of himself (Here is the pic). Pilp still did not respond. Pilp was hiding his feelings from Grigori. Pilp started sending letters saying he hated Grigori. When Grigori read the letters he cried. A friend tried to help Pilp realise that he does not hate Grigori. He loves Grigori. "You don't have to fight your feelings. You know you love him. There is nothing wrong with that." Pilp's friend told him. Pilp left to go kill Grigori. When he saw Grigori he felt that feeling again. He knew he loved him...but he kept fighting it. Soon enough Pilp could not fight it anymore. "I can't fight this feeling anymore" Pilp sang as he ran to Girgori and they kissed. They spent another night together. They made love that night. They knew they loved each other. They knew that they always would. 


"Now, cum, Arisen!" ~Grigori

"Arisen! You have earned back...what is yours...your life belongs now to no other. You've won it by is yours to use or cast away as you see fit. Remember that..." ~Grigori

"Doubt still holds you...hmmm. Very well. We have time, you and I." ~Grigori 

Author's note

I hope you enjoyed this little story. Please comment and tell me what you thought of it.