"princess pelly! go to your corner!" Ruka shouted at the man wearing a dress

"no! i am tsu's slave not yours!" PLP replied

a crash is heard in the other room. "what was that?" PLP and Ruka said in unison

they go to the other room and find owen breaking all the corners with a sledgehammer "i prefer circles" he said

tsu walks into the room. PLP runs over to her and kisses her feet.

Ruka puts on a tiny purple hat.

"rule 1: no feet kissing" Ruka yells at PLP

"no one follows your rules" tsu says

"damn" Ruka says

PLP leaves the room. "i have to go" he says.

"no! i order you to stay and make me brazilian coffee!" tsu says

PLP stays just long enough to make the coffee. PLP leaves the room. "see you guys later...or tomorrow...or never" he says

while all this was happening owen had been building a circular room in which to mastur-meditate.

once it was built he locked himself inside and strange sounds were heard coming from the small room.

after a while owen comes out of the room and destroys more corners.

a sith walks into the room and when owen sees him he says "a sith approaches" and grabs a nearby lightsaber

"..." Ruka says

jyggalag walks in and sees the sith and owen fighting.

"that's not weird at all" jyggy says

fishysalesman walks into the room "-90 sanity" he remarks upon seeing owen fight the sith

"indeed" Ruka says

the fight goes on for many hours and it is quite entertaining. unfortunately it has an anti-climactic end.

the sith leaves the room.

tsu leaves the room to go find the one known as snowbird.

snowbird walks in just as tsu walks out. they pass by each other without noticing. 

tsu realises she had passed by snowbird and goes back into the room. they both see the after math of the fight between owen and a sith. 

they work together to clean up  the mess. Ruka fixes the corners...but they don't last long as owen still has his sledgehammer.

after the mess was cleaned up snow and tsu go to the other room...

meanwhile owen and ruka are arguing about corners or something.

tech enters the room. 

after a while tsu leaves the room and hugs everyone but owen on her way out. she high fives owen.

"owen gets a high five because he's special" tsu says on her way out.

while owen is distracted by the high five ruka builds an unbreakable corner. 

owen spends hours hitting it with his sledgehammer. after many hours owen falls asleep. 

ruka takes owen's sledgehammer.

a tumbleweed rolls by.

PLP returns to the room. "pelly. go to the unbreakable corner" ruka says

PLP goes to the corner. PLP starts to "mark his territory" in the corner.

"bad PLP!" says ruka as he hits PLP with a newspaper

the one known as UAM enters the room. "Hyello 'ello 'ello, what's goin' on 'ere then?" he says in a sexy accent. 

"pelly here has been very bad." ruka tells UAM. UAM joins in on beating PLP with a newspaper.

after hitting PLP with newspapers ruka went and destroyed owen's circular room with the sledgehammer he took from owen.

meanwhile UAM serves cake. everyone gets a slice. everyone sits down at a fancy table and eats cake while discussing matters of great importance.

snow told a story about a man called ulfric skywalker who wore a stormcloak and shouted at people.  "So when some very, very bad people invaded a city known as Markarth, Ulfric came down from the heavens to the rescue!" snow said

everyone starts eating popcorn...loudly.

"But then, Ulfric got a Issy fit and started Shouting at those people." snow continued

"The bad people were Forsworn, who originally inhabited the land, btw." UAM said

"No one knows why he started Shouting, but it helped repell the invasion." snow said

"I always have hot popcorn in my pants, mine is sweet though." UAM said for no reason

"After killing all those very, very bad Forsworn, Ulfric asked--no, DEMANDED-- that Talos worship be restored." snow says

"Then the Empire was like "Lol, no, the Thalmor said so."" UAM stated

"The Jarl of Markarth, being a goody lil' two-shoes, accepted." snow continued

"slow down i can't keep up" ruka said

"lol nope" snow said

"But then, the Thalmor swooped in, like they always do, and claimed that they would kill everyone with a loaf of stale bread, if the Talos statue wasn't brought down." snow said

"So the Jarl decided to push out the Stormcloak-wearing man known as Ulfric and he got into a very, very deep state of depression" snow continued

"When does Chuck Norris appear?!" UAM asked

"yeah when?" PLP says

"After drinking WAY too much mead, Ulfric decided that he would turn into the next Adolf Hitler and started hating everyone." snow says

"the end" snow says.

"terrible story snow." ruka says

"what? it was my best work!" snow says after that snow put everyone to bed.

later everyone woke up. 

snow had UAM tell a story this time.

UAM told a story about a man named nazeem.

no one listened. not even me. oh well.

something about the dragonborn or something and nazeem died i think.

"THE END." UAM said "Amazing stories always come with flying heads. now who wants popcorn?"

snow hugs a huggable bunny.

UAM gets eaten then spit out by the robot dragon known as tech.

"I am the God of Rainbows and Uselessness, so whatevs." UAM says

UAM then eats tech. tech escapes only to be eaten by UAM again.

nait nelthar (who now calls himself nelthro but everyone still calls him nait) enters the room.

once nait entered the room (i don't care that your name is nelthro now) everyone talked about international politics and war. it was kinda boring.

after the boring talk of politics fishysalesman got up and started dancing...then he broke his hip.

they rushed him to the hospital. along the way they watched a video about a sexual harassment panda. "I love the Sexual Harassment Panda!" UAM says

once at the hospital the doctors fix fishy's hip but "he can never dance again." the doctors says

everyone gasps. they take fishy back to chat manor.

two tumbleweeds roll past.

"The Toilet says I'm mad, but I don't believe it. I'm not man, I'm insane." UAM says

"The voices in my head tell me that I'm not all that crazy and I should get over myself but I've learned not to argue, because actions win the day over words." a huggable bunny says

"I don't smoke.." nait says

"I don't smoke, I steam!" UAM says

"iRobot..." tech says

"Everyday I'm shuffling." UAM says

"I don't 'steam' but I do 'iron'" huggable bunny says

"Ruka... Why do you use a girls name?" nait says

"Why not?" UAM says trying to defend ruka

"Not manly" nait says

"Who cares about manly?" UAM says

"I do" nait says

"Ok then." UAM says

"ruka isn't a girls name" ruka quietly says

"How is ruka not a Girls name?" nait asks

"it just isn't" ruka replies

"All names that end with A are girls names except a few exceptions" nait says

"ruka is a japanese name your argument is invalid" ruka says

"I am the mother of a Walrus Argonian which is Pickleseller." UAM says then throws a pie at ruka

"wait. you are a mother? pickle is your son?" ruka asks

"Yeah, ask PLP and Fishy. " UAM says

CommandoProjects Throws a pie at UAM for throwing a pie at Ruka.

"Is PLP your husband then?" tech asks

"I'm in a 3 way relationship between PLP and Fishy." UAM says "See, THAT'S the weird stuff which appears in this chat mansion." 

"+50 Social" tech says

tech leaves the room then returns. "i'm back. had to reload." he says

knight of canlorn enters the room. "Tidings, my useless argonian friend" he says to UAM

"guys? are you there? did you die?" ruka asks because everyone is lying on the ground with their eyes closed. ruka goes to the corner and cries because he thinks they are dead.

huggable bunny leaves the room.

a super tumbleweed rolls by

snow goes to mastur-listen to metal

UAM goes to listen to met-masturbate

snow facepalms "Make sure to clean your hands, afterwards." he says

"Ok, I'll use your soap." UAM says

"Use the liquid one..." snow says

"Fine." UAM says

"... you don't wanna know where the bar went..." snow says

"Neither do I to be honest.

Wait, that makes no sense." UAM says

"Let's just say it used to be green..." snow says

"Green soap?

That doesn't sound too good." UAM replies

"Yeah, Zest. Ever heard of it?" snow says to UAM

"Hmm, I think so, I've never used it I don't think though." UAM says to snow

"Well, they mostly produce blue bars, but I prefer the green ones.

Wait, did we just start talking about my favourite soap?" snow says

"My sentence constructing skills are awful today.

Yeah." UAM states

"Ruka, add to story, now!" snow yells to ruka

"what? what story? are we in a story? are you breaking the fourth wall? am i?" ruka says

"I like light violet myself." UAM says

"Hey Tech, what's your favorite colour of soap?" UAM asks the robot dragon

"And light violet smells good. I kinda prefer florecent pink, though." snow says 

"White... but then again I am a robot..." tech says to UAM

"I use axe anyway..." tech says

"That dun get the stains out.

But, I do use axe." snow says

"I use axes." UAM says

tech laughs.

"Ruka, you getting all this?" snow asks breaking the fourth wall again

"slow down dammit!" ruka says

"Ruky-puky?" UAM says

"You have axes in your mouth..." tech says

"Ruka, Ruky, Rocky..." snow mumbles

"oi! my name ain't rocky!" ruka says

"That would hurt..." UAM says to tech

"Rokokooooo" tech says

"Roko, roko!" snow says

"Rukity-Pukity-Luky-Puky" UAM says

"stop that. my name is ruka. not rocky or roko or rukity-pukity-luky-puky!" ruka says

"Ruky the soldieress." snow says

"damn you snow..." ruka says while trying to type all the stuff that was posted

PLP walked in the room. "hello" 

everyone greets PLP.

pink slim enters the room. "whats happening?" he says

"ahoy slim. just discussin soap" snow says

"I use it to walsh myself


not walsh" pink says

"Many people do. It's the newest fashion." snow says

"I used to Welsh myself." UAM says