Okay first off, let me just say that this game kicks ass. But I have one problem...werewolves are very unbalanced. Okay here's the issue, Stamina and health are increased by 100 each... that should be a percent, like 50% or 75%, not a number. Also, Health regen should be DECREASED, not eliminated entirely (perhaps regen @ 50%, or 25% the norm). And that damn uppercut... SOOO easy to exploit... "Oh hey Mr.Giant remember me? Just thought I'd- WhaBAMM!!! You like THAT?!?!?" So yea, it's sorta nice to give giants a taste of their own medicine (lol), but its exploited so easily. So the only time you're winning as a werewolf, it boring and repetetive ....RAWR!!! Ahhh!! uppercut. eat and repeat. Speaking of that stategy... The roar should have a longer recharge and shorter duration. One more thing (it's pretty random), You should only be able to be a werewolf at night, and also be forced to transform, once per month on a full moon, to make it feel like you actually have a curse, rather than a superpower. So yea thanks for listening to me bitch people. :D