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  • I live in The Solana Galaxy, Veldin
  • I was born on March 31
  • My occupation is Gadgetron, Megacorp, Dreadzone, Grummelnet, The Lombax Magistrate, R.Y.N.O. collector, and Senior Caretaker of The Great Clock
  • I am Male, Lombax
  • Ryusenka16

    so the day before new years eve, me and my friend were playing Skyrim and dead space when we plotted the most wierd thing ever

    1. The skin of an orc
    2. teeth of a vampire khajiit
    3. mixed tail of an argonian,khajiit,and necromorph leaper
    4. face of a mangled male dark elf
    5. body of chimera(resistance fall of man)
    6. bladed arm- like limbs coming out of the back(necromorph)
    7. eyes of a draugr
    8. skinned mangled arms
    9. hair of a sasquatch
    10. and we named "it" ehchjk!!!!

    now can you think of something more wierd than that... whatever the hell it is?

    new found picture aint it cute?

    now just give it atail and bladed arms and sharp mangled teeth, some acid eaten fur and a helmet

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  • Ryusenka16

    THIS IS WAR!!!

    December 30, 2011 by Ryusenka16

    Okay, this is Ryusenka16 making another random blog.

    So... there's been alot of versus things iv'e noticed around the web like: The Elder Scrolls (TES) versus Fallout, Dead Space (DS) versus Resident Evil (RE), Naruto vs Bleach, Halo vs Killzone, Gears of War (GOW) vs Resistace, etc...

    This blog is for arguements on which is better than which that shall ultimately lead to the winner.

    So post arguements for games or other Game vs Game, Media vs Media conflicts.

    and while your at it, why not add things like which character from a game or media is better than another.

    Thank you and remember, I hold no place in petty squables that have nothing to do with the blog (no using the blog to curse out some random person or wiki user)

    P.S. In my opinion TES…

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  • Ryusenka16

    images for users

    December 18, 2011 by Ryusenka16

    this blog is more like a question

    if u want a new profile pic or just an image that looks cool

    1. describe it

    2. if animal (what kind)

    3. if something that looks badass(example, bahamut fury)or emotional(example, naruto and friends)

    4. if from an anime, game, or another type of media, give media name, character or object name/description, and if creature give race(animal, neko, dragon, etc)


    okami(media), wolf, amaterasu(name), human. i would look up "okami amaterasu human version"


    amaterasu, human form with son chibiterasu}----->

    if there's a pic you want and cant or dont want to find just post its description

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  • Ryusenka16


    December 16, 2011 by Ryusenka16

    Okay, anyone who looks at this, i want your opinion...

    What would it be like if we took a whole ton of people who play Skyrim

    set up a location

    find someone who can support the equipment or just bring your own equipent

    fully memorize the stories

    and recreate the Stormcloak and Imperial civil war

    (without the dragonborn of course because we'd probaly spend a week debating who that 1 person would be)

    in live action role play form

    in my opinion, the only problems being equipment, electing Ulfric Stormcloak, General Tullius, The Jarls, the commanders and legates, etc, solving the problem of "what if an attack that is supposed to be won is lost", electing the backups of the characters metioned aboved, finding a loction/time/date, and contacting those w…

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  • Ryusenka16

    the cerial knee killer

    December 16, 2011 by Ryusenka16

    sweet mother sweet mother send your child unto me for the sins of the unworthy must be baptized in blood in fear.

    the Dark Brotherhoods biggest contract, to hunt down the bastard shooting peoples knees.

    we must find him or her or it and save tamriel from future incidents.

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