Okay, anyone who looks at this, i want your opinion...

What would it be like if we took a whole ton of people who play Skyrim

set up a location

find someone who can support the equipment or just bring your own equipent

fully memorize the stories

and recreate the Stormcloak and Imperial civil war

(without the dragonborn of course because we'd probaly spend a week debating who that 1 person would be)

in live action role play form

in my opinion, the only problems being equipment, electing Ulfric Stormcloak, General Tullius, The Jarls, the commanders and legates, etc, solving the problem of "what if an attack that is supposed to be won is lost", electing the backups of the characters metioned aboved, finding a loction/time/date, and contacting those who wish to play (my idea is contact everyone on this wiki and hope they spread the word)

If all in alls well it would be awesome to do this. reply with complaints, extra problems, ideas, or agreements.