Okay, this is Ryusenka16 making another random blog.

So... there's been alot of versus things iv'e noticed around the web like: The Elder Scrolls (TES) versus Fallout, Dead Space (DS) versus Resident Evil (RE), Naruto vs Bleach, Halo vs Killzone, Gears of War (GOW) vs Resistace, etc...

This blog is for arguements on which is better than which that shall ultimately lead to the winner.

So post arguements for games or other Game vs Game, Media vs Media conflicts.

and while your at it, why not add things like which character from a game or media is better than another.

Thank you and remember, I hold no place in petty squables that have nothing to do with the blog (no using the blog to curse out some random person or wiki user)

P.S. In my opinion TES beats fallout, DS beats RE, bleach beats naruto, killzone is a little better than halo(a little), resistance is better than GOW( i never got used to the controls), and Haseo(.hack//gu) vs Goku (DBZ) would be one of the most badass battles ever!!

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