so the day before new years eve, me and my friend were playing Skyrim and dead space when we plotted the most wierd thing ever

  1. The skin of an orc
  2. teeth of a vampire khajiit
  3. mixed tail of an argonian,khajiit,and necromorph leaper
  4. face of a mangled male dark elf
  5. body of chimera(resistance fall of man)
  6. bladed arm- like limbs coming out of the back(necromorph)
  7. eyes of a draugr
  8. skinned mangled arms
  9. hair of a sasquatch
  10. and we named "it" ehchjk!!!!

now can you think of something more wierd than that... whatever the hell it is?

new found picture aint it cute?

now just give it atail and bladed arms and sharp mangled teeth, some acid eaten fur and a helmet

Puker enhanced DS2