by this i mean


returning characters (pelinal, mannimarco, sotha sil, dwemer, akavir, etc)

bring back old favorites like umbra (sword), new un-smithable armors/weapons (amber, akaviri arms, etc), etc

a new realm to travel to (ex:shivering isles) that brings new foes, races, characters, items, and hell if its part of skyrim, give us some new dragon shouts like fiik lo sah(clone) or a shout that rends the earth under your target and fires a dirt-like wall at your enemies with twice the strength of unrelenting force

more individually named dragons

expand some of the guild questlines( civil war pt 2, companions return of the silver hand, etc)

create a dragon twice as strong and big as alduin

post it if you think of something else or have a question/ problem that needs answered