I know everyone experiences different glitches throughout TES Skyrim,and the glitches also vary pending on the system you are using(XBOX 360,PS3 OR PC).I am playing on a XBOX and havent experience glitches like backwards flying dragons are hovering people so i wouldnt know how to avoid those problems,,what i have delt with is a few quest breakers,glitched quest items in inventory ,and slow loading with a little lag in gameplay..Gameplay lag and slow loading was an easy fix for me ,i didnt start felling these problems till i was about 70 hrs in and had about 12 regular save files and 3 autosave files..i just turned off autosave and deleted all but 3 regular save files,and that was the end of that problem.With quest breakers you just need to reserch places like Dungeons before you enter and make sure that you are not going into a place that a quest intersects.A big part of this problem for me was caused by miscellaneous quests ,,misc. quests are setup to sometimes send you to places that you havent discovered or cleared ,this can cause a problem if there is a big quest ,main quest ,or daedric quest intersects in one of these locations ....this happened to me on boethias calling...As for quest items getting gliched in your inventory the only thing i know to do is take the time to research all the quest items (can be done on this wikia thanks to many editors) and be sure not to pick that item up till needed.