Oblivion 3
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A fight against a Black Dragon

I know many people are a little upset about the bugs and the new patch,and you have a right to be.But the fact still remains that we all owe Bethesda a huge thank you for giving us years upon years of wonderfull gameplay.I personally owe them a thanks for introducing me to the RPG world when i was 12 years old with the Morrowind title of The Elder Scrolls series.Bethesda has taking a great approach to almost everything they have been putting in The Elder Scrolls series,example is the fact that they let you know about the other continents of Nirn and their people (the Tsaesci,Sload,Imga,etc.)but dont show them,giving them the ability to continue to make great TES game for a long time..Bethesda has also thown some great grafics in their TES games.I know when i started playing Morrowind i was blown away at how big the game was ( i miss getting my a** kicked by rogue nix-hound's) and the cool armor.. I just think we all need to put a thank you out there for Bethesda for making Skyrim so bad a** (bugs aside) and keeping us TES veterans occupied for many years now.
Shrine of azura morrowind