I like many of you have been coming to this site since the mention of Skyrim.So those of us that have been coming to this site have seen a fair share of DLC ideas. I have thrown a few of mine out there before,but if you look threw the blogs everyone is putting DLC ideas out there.Everyone wants a whole new realm or something to explore,or they want to turn into dragons,or other things.I think we should lay down ideas to make Skyrim a better place to explore.


  • A few more cave designs, throw a few caves in the mix that have rivers of motlen rock flowing beneath erroded walkways.Maybe a few underwater caves that would require an underwater breathing enchantment.Give a few of these caves stuff unique to them,like animals and beasts.
  • More freaking Mannequins.I am sure i am not the only one who likes displaying my hard earned armors.I think we should have the option to buy more mannequins and weapon racks.
  • New traps that are less noticeable.
  • Dragon Priest Robes.The robes that the Dragon Priests are freaking awesome,i thunk anyways.Would it not be awesome if we could forge a Dragon Priest Robe after killing all the named Dragon Priest.
  • What is the point in your housecarl having a dresser if he or she does not use it.I think it should be set up so that when you store items in that dresser it turns that item into that housecarls default items.
  • Mounted beast heads.In your homes i think you should be able to buy maybe up to ten head mounts and one full beast mount.After you kill a beast you can search it and an option comes up if you want to remove its head.Once removed you take it to your spouse and he/she asks if you want it mounted .Return in two hours and you have a new head mounted somewhere you choose in your home.The full beast mount would be a stuffed full beast placed on a pedestle somewhere in your home.
  • SINIK (talk) 02:00, August 8, 2012 (UTC)