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  • Saedus1991

    Hello fellow adventurers, I'm Saedus1991, and I've been putting some thought into a custom armor add-on. I was wondering if I could get the imput of some others. Here are the steps you'd typically go through.

    1. Choosing the type.  This would probably be done at a drafting table of some sort. Basically, you'd choose light or heavy armor, which would limit you to what types of materials you would have for your armor.

    2. Base Layer.  Here is where your armor actually starts to take shape. Armors have differing base layers, ranging from simple cloth to complex chain mail. This also gives the armor a type of "player class" look. This would probably be done at a drafting table.

    3. Cuirass.  Pretty self-explanatory here, you choose your cuirass fro‚Ķ

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