Hello fellow adventurers, I'm Saedus1991, and I've been putting some thought into a custom armor add-on. I was wondering if I could get the imput of some others. Here are the steps you'd typically go through.

1. Choosing the type.  This would probably be done at a drafting table of some sort. Basically, you'd choose light or heavy armor, which would limit you to what types of materials you would have for your armor.

2. Base Layer.  Here is where your armor actually starts to take shape. Armors have differing base layers, ranging from simple cloth to complex chain mail. This also gives the armor a type of "player class" look. This would probably be done at a drafting table.

3. Cuirass.  Pretty self-explanatory here, you choose your cuirass from one of the many cuirass designs incorporated in the many armors in-game. Your armor should really start picking up a unique look by now. This would also be done at the same drafting table.

4. Greaves.  Also very self-explanatory, here is where you pick your upper leg armor, so your precious knees are protected from nefarious arrows. This too would be done at the drafting table.

5. Paldrons.  Simply put, here is where you choose the protection for your upper arms and shoulders. By this step, the drafting for your should be at completion, and the actual creation of your new armor would be next.

5a. Gauntlets and Boots.  These are purely optional, but obviously, you would be able to craft custom gauntlets and boots to match your new armor design. If you're going to have a new suit, you might as well match.

6. Forging.  Now you get to actually build the parts for your custom armor and choose the materials for the armor plates and base layer. The different materials obviously would affect the armor rating and weight, as well as the selling cost if you were so inclined to sell your precious armor. You would also choose the name of this new armor, and whether or not to add "extra ingredients" like daedra hearts for a stronger forging.