• Sag1990

    Please,can you hlp me with this one?? I'm playing Skyrim. I wan on my way to Riften,when in the midway 2 trolls attacked us,Lydia was following me. She started battling with one,but went down prety fast, they started to chase after me! I ran towards Riften, and the guards there soon killed them. Then I entered Riften.But when I did, I found Lydia wasn't with me!! Freaked out,I ran back to the spot where She attacked me,but she was nowhere! I restarted the game,with the same result. I traveled back to Dragonsearch,where I found her,but she wasn't there too!! as if she just vanished into thin air!! Can anyone help me with this please?? :( I've lost so many important things with her!!!

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