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  • I live in Baile Atha Cliath, Ireland.
  • I was born on April 1
  • My occupation is I Am A Student.
  • I am 100% Man.
  • SaintOfAwesomeness

    The Title is pretty self-explanatory; What is you Character's backstory in any of The Elder Scrolls Games.

    Annon (Male/Bosmer) was born in Valenwood in 3E 402. He was the first child to Endarin (Father/Bosmer) and Jalissa (Mother/Dunmer). He had a very stable childhood, he played in the Forests everyday and he became quite skilled at Archery and Sneaking. 

    When Annon was 6, his Mother gave birth to Agaron (Brother/Bosmer). Annon soon became jealous of his little brother and the two soon disliked each other. Annon would pick on Agaron all the time! When Annon was 9, his Mother gave birth to her last child Ana (Sister/Bosmer).

    At 10, Annon and the rest of his Family went into a depression when Annon's father got killed by a Troll when hunting o…

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  • SaintOfAwesomeness


    I was talking to my friend the other day and he told me that 'Oblivion' is way better the Skyrim. He totally reccomended me to buy it and I've been looking online to see the information about it.

    I've played 'Redguard', 'Morrowind', and 'Skyrim', and I'm looking to expand my collection of TES Series. 

    So, I'm asking you of your opinion on 'Oblivion'. I'm slightly turned off by the graphics and how the characters look stupid. But, graphics never matter in a game, I'm only interested in Storyline, Gameplay, and the RPG Aspects.

    Thanks Guys! :]

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