The Title is pretty self-explanatory; What is you Character's backstory in any of The Elder Scrolls Games.


Annon (Male/Bosmer) was born in Valenwood in 3E 402. He was the first child to Endarin (Father/Bosmer) and Jalissa (Mother/Dunmer). He had a very stable childhood, he played in the Forests everyday and he became quite skilled at Archery and Sneaking. 

When Annon was 6, his Mother gave birth to Agaron (Brother/Bosmer). Annon soon became jealous of his little brother and the two soon disliked each other. Annon would pick on Agaron all the time! When Annon was 9, his Mother gave birth to her last child Ana (Sister/Bosmer).

At 10, Annon and the rest of his Family went into a depression when Annon's father got killed by a Troll when hunting out in the woods. Jalissa didn't have a job, so the family went into poverty and got kicked out of their homes. Jalissa vowed to take the kids back to Morrwind to live with Jalissa's Parents-- But Jalissa later came down with a horrible illness and passed away...

Annon was now 12, and living on the streets with his two younger siblings. They traveled around for a while before they finally came to Cyrodiil. Annon wanted the best for Agaron and Ana, so he tried to earn as much money as he could. Annon started out as a Farmhand-- But he seeked something more exciting. Annon then became a member of the Thieves Guild in the Imperial City. He was a great Pickpocket, and since he was young, nobody saw him coming.

At 15, Annon had bought out a room in an Inn with the money he had earned from the Guild. He was so happy because he now had a roof over his families' head and food on the table. But, Agaron found out about who Annon was working for and the two had a massive fight.

When Annon was 17, Agaron said 'Goodbye' to Ana and left the Imperial City. Annon and Ana never heard from him again. Annon decided it was time to leave the Thieves Guild and get a proper job. Annon got a job as a Bartender at the Inn He and Ana lived in.

It was the year 3E 424 and Annon was working one night at the Inn. A Lady named Marania (Nord) walked in and started to chat to Annon. The two talked and they ended up having a drink together and talking more. Annon realized that he really liked Marania and Annon asked if he could court her, Marania, who was entranced by Annon, agreed to his offer and the two formed a relationship.

Ana then told Annon that she had met a Breton Mage and the two were going to study at the College of Winterhold in Skyrim. Annon had a heartfelt goodbye with Ana before she left for Skyrim.

Now aged 24, Annon asked Marania for her hand in Marriage and she accepted. The Two held the Wedding back in Annon's Home of Valenwood. While saying their vows, a Dark Brotherhood associate, who was hired by someone who Annon stole from as a kid, burst into the Wedding and started killing everyone in sight. Annon and Marania hid in the backroom of the Temple-- But the Assasin found them and killed Marania...

Annon went into a fit of rage and cracked the Assasin's Skull off of the alter, Killing Him. Annon sat alone in the Temple, with Marania at his side. Ana and her Breton Husband were also at the Wedding, but they were also killed. Annon began to cry until the Guards came in brought him to the Healer's Temple.

3E 427. Annon is now 25, he never got over Marania or the death of his Sister. He found out who sent the Dark Brotherhood Associate after him and in revenge Annon went to the Person's House and killed him and his family. The Guards caught Annon and he was dragged off to Jail...

(Events of TES III: Morrowind Happer Afterwards)





The Rest is Coming Soon, I have it all in my head but it's an effort to write out. -_-

Anyways, I'd love to hear what your backstories are for your TES Characters. They don't have to be as long as mine, or they can be even longer, its up too you!

Oh and sorry if I got some Lore mixed up, I haven't been playing TES in ages. I've been digging Tomb Raider and Mass Effect 3 instead. So, I apologize in advance.