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    After a hiatus, I recently got back to playing Skyrim. While mulling over what Hermaeus Mora may have wanted from Miraak in the long term, something disturbing occured to me. What if Mora had intended to control the dragons of Nirn?

    A brief summary of Miraak's life. Once a dragon priest, Miraak came onto one of the black books belonging to Mora. As we know, Daedric relics aren't found by mere coincidence, but none the less Miraak used the book to meet Mora. In return for Miraak's servitude, the Daedric prince taught the former priest the power of bending dragons to his will. Miraak rebelled, was defeated and Mora drew him into his realm, Apocrypha. There it can be safely assumed that Mora preserved Miraak until the time was right to unleash…

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  • Saratje

    Two NEW Zenimax trademarks!

    February 18, 2013 by Saratje

    Today two new trademarks belonging to Zenimax have been tagged as viewable to the public.

    • The Brigmore Witches (Filed at February 13, 2013)
    • Void Walker's Arsenal (Filed at February 13, 2013)

    The first, the Brigmore Witches, are characters from the Dishonered game franchise, likely a DLC for that game. the second, Void Walker's Arsenal doesn't strike a bell with me. It might be for Dishonered also, or it could be a second content plug-in (Hearthfire having been the first) for Skyrim. Perhaps a set of weapons and armours, as that would make for an arsenal available to the Dragonborn.

    If someone knows more about these 'Void Walkers', or to which story or franchise they make a reference, let the community know in your reply to this brief blogpost. P…

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  • Saratje

    Got yourself some broken bookshelves in one of your homes? Here is what to do:

    1. Step into the house where the broken bookshelves are.
    2. Activate each book shelf in the house and remove all the books through the menu. Empty ALL bookshelves, also the ones which aren't broken. NEVER take the books without using the bookshelf menu, that is what breaks the shelves in the first place.
    3. When all the shelves are empty, open the Command Console and type the code below that matches the house you're in. Press enter after each line.
    4. Your bookshelves should have the proper

    WHITERUN - Breezehome
    PRID 102a8f SETPV CurrentBookAmount 0 PRID 102a81 SETPV CurrentBookAmount 0 PRID 102a6c SETPV CurrentBookAmount 0 PRID 102a59 SETPV CurrentBookAmount 0

    WINDHELM - Hjerim

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  • Saratje

    NEW Dragonborn content

    November 25, 2012 by Saratje

    Today I made a big effort at opening, exploring and reading through the 1.8 patched TESV.exe executable (the main file of Skyrim), attempting to find as much of the pre-Dragonborn data as I could in the files. While this may bore some, it may be interesting to others. Keep in mind that some of the content may have existed for a longer time, having remained unused. Most of it however is Dragonborn content, prepared in the 1.8 Skyrim patch.

    This is what I could find so far:

    UPDATE: Might be old unused content, as it is present in older versions of TESV.exe

    • New Life Festival.
    • South Wind's Prayer.
    • First Planting.
    • Jester's Day.
    • Second Planting.
    • Mid Year Celebration.
    • Merchant's Festival.
    • Sun's Rest.
    • Harvest's End.
    • Tales and Tallows.
    • Witches' Festival.
    • Emperor…

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  • Saratje

    I've seen a lot of argueing by people about the unannounced PC release date and many are confused about why the release date is not shared with the XBOX. Their main argument is that Microsoft only had an agreement for having 2 DLC's (DLC = expansion) released on their XBOX a month ahead of other platforms, and with Dawnguard and Hearthfire out there that agreement has been met. In truth however, only 1 DLC has thusfar been released, despite of what people may think. Here is the technical why-and-how:

    The game files are what holds the content of the expansions. When you pay for and download an expansion, a file is placed in your Skyrim directory which adds new quests, areas, items and so on. Inside these files is a lot of code, which makes a…

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