This is more of a small observation, but I have seen that many people use the tags or headers 'notes' and 'trivia' interchangably while they are definately not the same. I'm not sure what policy this particular wiki has on those two terms, and often I did it wrong myself, but perhaps these few examples are appreciated by you (the reader). Or I'll get flamed, who knows! But here is in short:


  • Notes describe a situation from an outside point of view, often looking at the whole as nothing more than a game, or describing an essential detail which when left out will work to the players disadvantage. e.g:
if you close the gate, you can't get back into the castle, but when left open you can revisit every months to loot all the chests and barrels again.

  • Notes can issue a warning on a situation where the player may have to make an irreversable choice. e.g:
if you choose A, you can't choose both B and C, but if you skip A now, you can choose both B and C and finish A later.

  • Notes can give information that is useful and additive, but unessential. e.g:
you will have to wait 3 days before you get the follow-up quest from a courrier.
don't forget to mine the gold veins in this cave, they are worth your time.


  • Trivia give typical nice-to-know information. It is not per se essential for the quest or situation at hand. It can give an interesting anecdote, background information or an observation of an easter egg with either story-related or reference-related facts. e.g:
the Sarethi family used to be an influential family back in Morrowind before the great collapse.
the skeleton with crossed arms in the coffin standing upright might be a direct reference to Count Dracula from Bram Stoker's movel Dracula.

  • Trivia can give background information on out-of-universe topics such as interesting facts which are no longer relevant to the game in its current state, changes made after a patch or removed features relating to the topic at hand. e.g:
it used to be possible to jump on top of the left most rock, to then charge onto the ledge with a sprint to skip the entire dungeon, until the new gravity system was implemented which made jumping more difficult.
there used to be a chest containing a complete set of Orcish Armor in the far corner of the ruined temple, but it has been removed as of patch 1.9.21 after it was deemed to be overpowered at early levels.
the original quest was supposed to be longer and was meant to let you choose between helping Mary or Sue, but the gamefiles show that Sue's dialogue and script have remained unfinished and therefor the player can only speak to Mary while Sue only greets the player with a "hello".

I hope that this description is somewhat useful to other active wiki-posters. Again, I don't know if the wiki policy treats notes and trivia the way they usually are, but it seems that right now many people can't tell when something is a trivia or just a note.