I made an attempt at animating an item image, purely to see how it would work out, what file size it would occupy and if it could potentially serve any kind of purpose to give the reader of a page a better idea of what an item really looks like ingame.

While the current attempt looks jagged around the edges with a choppy animation, a proper effort would produce a far more high-quality image that rotates more smoothly.

What do people think of this kind of presentation? I'm not suggesting that the wiki uses this, given my lack of knowledge on how gif's work on other systems (such as slow PC's or mobile devices) and how a still image is often preferred over a moving one. But I do think it is a very interesting approach to help someone relate to how the item would look when encountered ingame, by being viewed three-dimensionally through an animation.

Would it serve a purpose at some point in the future for the wiki? Or is it only nicein the nice, but not practical kind of way?


Example of a Steel Sword, presented with a spinning animation.