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  • Sawbones194

    Fragments of the spirit of Mikhel Kurx.

    Mikhel Krux entered the little house on the west coast of Cyrod. He is and will ever be the master of all psijics. He was called for a sick man, who became mad, after he was suppose to die, but he recovered. The sick man was sitting on his bed and was writing something.

    "My name is Mikhel Krux, do you allow me to enter?" The man not responded and Mikhel entered. "I have heard, that you have some kind of ... madness, after you was lie in dying?"

    The mad-man looked up and nodded. "I fear that what i have seen, while I was dying."

    Mikhel sat down on a chair, right next to the bed. "My dear Lwarence, would you be so kindly and disclose this confidential of wisdom, because the knowledge you have gathered is f…

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  • Sawbones194

    Okay! I write for more than 5 years TES-"FanFics" called Apocryphas, which expand, explain and creat enew TES-Lore, but most of y texts are in german. So i post them in the german Wiki! But this time, i write an englisch Text and so i thought "Hey! Post it on the english Wiki too!" And here we go!

    Splish splash, flesh hits flesh. Splish splash, right on the besch. Splish splash, the butcher pound his flesh. Splish splash flesh hits flesh. Splish splash that's not horseflesh. Splish splash The flesh of Karuhn gro-Khesh. Splish splash Tastes like normal flesh, and brings good cash. Splish splash He heard crash. Stomp stomp A zombie romp and eat the orcish flesh.

    Crash crash Beck hits beck. Crash crash Behind the house of gro-Khesh. Crash crash Beck hits beck. Cra…

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