ok i was looking around for something to improve my werewolf form sense i cant use hercines totems so i made a new save and i found this glitch for everyone who likes fighting its a good glitch but if you dont then dont do it 1st make sure you havnt completed the companions quest 2nd contract the first form of vampirism sanguinare vampiris 3rd write down the ingame time and day you contracted sanguinare vampirs 4th go to the underfordge and prepare the blood drink 5th wait 71 hours 6th save and idle till you become a vampire 7th reload the save and drink the blood 3 or 4 ingame min before becoming a vampire 8th the screen should appear red when you do the werewolf cutsceen if it does you did it right after your werewolf rampage you'll be a vampire and a werewolf ***NOTE*** I did this on the ps3 , i am no longer able to feed as a vampire so i automatically stay stage 4 vampire after a few days , also you mite want to join the army before you do this as ewveryone else who did this says imperial citys wont attack you , only guards see me as a stage 4 vampire Jesus Freak (talk) 20:59, March 13, 2012 (UTC)