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  • ScholarOfTheScrolls

    This blog won't be as long as my Ulfric one, not much to say but it's something that's interested me for a while, 

    Many see Miraak as a mere greater challenge to rival the Last Dragonborn, but me? I see him as more than then, I see him as a representation of the LDB in the future.

    First off, at the end Hermaeus Mora makes the LDB his champion much like he did to Miraak. This means that the LDB will be saved by Mora before he is killed (preventing other Daedric Princes he may have his soul sold to such as Nocturnal in the Thieves Guild questline from taking him after death as he won't be dead but just taken) much like how Mora saved Miraak before he could be killed ("Unlike many similar myths, the tale of the Guardian and the Traitor does not…

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  • ScholarOfTheScrolls

    When arguing with Imperials one of the first things they will bring up is "Ulfric is racist because he keeps the Dunmer in slums and doesn't let the Argonians into his city". I'm here to hopefully put that argument to rest once and for all.

    First of all, if Ulfric truly was a racist then why would he let Altmer and Imperials live nice lives within his city and lands? If he really was racist you would think he would be treating the Altmer (Race of which the Aldmeri Dominion is centered around and consists mainly of) and the Imperials (Race of which the Imperial Legion is centered around and consists mainly of) worse than the Dunmer and Argonians. But there are Altmer and Imperials living wonderful lives within his city (For example: Niranye …

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