Went for a walk.

Watched some ants.

Mudcrab pinches my bottom by surprise.

Killed a mudcrab.

Dragon shows up and bites me.

Killed a dragon.

Ate a dragon soul.

Random guy runs up and tells me to hand my stuff over or he'll "gut me like a fish", despite witnessing me slaughter a dragon.

Killed the random guy,

Guard shows up, accuses me of murder.

Guard is accidently-on-purpose impaled by my sword.

Strolling bandits decide to attack me.

Strolling bandits die.

Wild bear thought I'd make a nice meal for him.

Wild bear made a nice meal for me.

Looked around and thought "sheesh, sure are a lot of dead guys today".

Went home.

Kicked out a mudcrab the kid tried to sneak in the house.

Went to bed.