So, with the latest news that the Dragonborn DLC won't be coming to PS3 until early 2013 (EDIT: February 2013), there has been a fresh wave of angry PS3 owners screaming about how "unfair" it is that they have to wait so long for it, and calling Bethesda out as just being a load of money-hungry assholes who couldn't give two shits about PS3 owners. And I, for one, am sick of it -- not of the delays, but of the raging over the delays.

First of all, I'd like to clear up the misconception that Bethesda "owes" us PS3 users. We aren't "owed" anything other than the core game. And the core game is pretty damn awesome -- Skyrim still has over 200 hours worth of quests to complete, locations to explore, tasks to do. So, tell me this -- have you done absolutely everything Skyrim has to offer? Have you cleared every dungeon? Completed every questline? Read every book? Discovered every location? Stolen every sweet roll? If you haven't, then how can you possibly feel that you need even more quests and dungeons to occupy your time? And if you have, might I suggest that there are other games out there -- ones that have more than enough content to keep you occupied until the DLCs are released?

Second misconception: quite a few ragers seem to believe that Bethesda have just been sitting on their arses and doing jack all to fix the DLCs. They scream, "Oh, so Bethesda has time to announce new DLCs, but not enough time to release the DLCs for PS3??? WTF!!!! F*ck u, Bethesda!!!!!!11!1" Well, guess what, lads? Not every single worker at Bethesda is dedicated to fixing bugs! Some of them are responsible for patches, and some of them are responsible for developing the DLCs. What would you prefer -- that absolutely everyone at Bethesda was ordered to drop everything and not focus on anything but patching, so nobody got any new DLCs at all until the problem was solved? How is that fair for Xbox or PC users? The DLCs shouldn't have to grind to a halt just because one platform is having problems with them. If the Xbox and PC versions are ready for release, then they should be released. It's not fair to make them wait because of another console's problems.

In conclusion, all these keyboard kommandos raging over the delayed DLCs seriously need to get a grip. As a PS3 user, I for one am content to wait for as long as Bethesda needs to get the DLCs perfect for us, and until then, I'm still enjoying myself immensely with what Skyrim has to offer. So, thank you, Bethesda, and to all you impatient PS3 owners out there, remember the old adage -- good things come to those who wait.