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  • SgtDerekFrostW


    November 28, 2011 by SgtDerekFrostW

    Every day i come on this wonderful wiki, a lot of vandlism, trollz, or even spamming, I want the best for this

    wiki and we need more admins, elder scrolls is the biggest, best selling and first RPG i ever played, and you all know how much i love playing skyrim and being on this wiki, i expect good editing and less blocks and spams or trollz, and when i said i want the best for this wiki, i told myself i would not stop editing from the very day set foot on this wiki till the very day i would become administrator and an icon that will inpire other user to follow in my footsteps. thank you

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  • SgtDerekFrostW

    New DLC's next year

    November 22, 2011 by SgtDerekFrostW

    I Believe That There Will Be an DLC and GOTY Edition for Skyrim Next Year Due to Morrowind and Oblivion

    Having a DLC the Followin year after released, I hope the DLC will include an Island to Explore like Oblivion Did which is called Shivering Isles, I also hope theres an DLC like the the nine Knights which had the Player doing

    Quest one by one to recieve an awesome set of armor which later led to the player getting his/her own Guild called

    the nine Knights of Divine.

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