Hello, lore-novice/loremasters. This blog is dedicated to the idea of Anu and Padomay, having a third counterpart. This counterpart has been in our faces for so long-The Numidium.

Anu is the aspect of the dreamer, the godhead, and order. His shards and sphere are very critical, and represent a greater good. Most of the mortals with his aspects or concepts are hailed as heroes.

Padomay is the aspect of the dream, the nightmare, and chaos. His shards and sphere are very random, and represent the unbalance of the universe. Most of the mortals with his aspects or concepts are hailed as villains.

Then, we have the one and one Numidium. (Well, one of two.)

Numidium shows a display of some high-rooted power, as he is able to erase entire races from existence. The only way he, a god, is able to do this without waking the godhead? Because he wasn't meant to exist. He came to godhood and re-entrance via a dragonbreak, a section where Akatosh's power ceases to exist.

Numidium has power even above that of Alduin, as he can erase at will, without having to wait. Destiny means nothing to him. Numidium also has no soul. He can not feel pain, and has a will of only one thing-Revenge.

This massive robot was defeated in C0DA by saying "Yes", instead of "Maybe". See, his lack of soul and only having neutral answers and questions, separated him from Anu and Padomay, as he didn't say yes or no, thus never embracing either. When he says "Yes", he allows Jubal to kill him, and doesn't erase Jubal (which he easily could have). Numidium, though soul-less, still had the concept of thinking. Pure freedom. The only thing capable of this. He was not bound by any concept of good or evil, order or chaos. Upon saying "Yes", he embraced order, thus Anu, and wanted to die.


-Not good or evil -Not order or chaos -Massive power -A god -Can't wake the godhead -Pure neutrality -Not bound by any destiny in any case -Can change the timeline


Numidium, upon becoming a god, took the power right under an Amaranth. He became the third aspect, neutrality, instead of order or chaos. He represents judgement, and neutrality.