It has come to my attention that the Administrators and Ghost Anubis have the ever-so bright idea to remove the RP board because it "Spams the activity feed". First off, I would like to say CP wiki had a far more active mainspace and a startlingly low Spam/Vandalising rate. You know why? Because they had administrators and patrollers who did their job and fixed it. This RP board removal was thought of by the admins, and could have been avoided if they did their job well. This was proven by, as I said, Creepypasta wiki.

If the RP board is to be removed, we would lose an extreme amount of users of the wiki, whom have been called "Useless" because they do not edit mainspace by a few friendly speakers. This is completely wrong. Normal users are the most important area of the wiki. They are both the heart and the brain. Every time a user leaves this wiki, it slightly begins to die. The numbers of users who will leave the website if the RP forum is removed, be it directly because of it, or simply it adds to other reasons, are an estimated 35%-50%. That is enough to completely kill the wiki, and launch it into a point of no return. Anons are very important, as are users who do not contribute. Without these users, who could see your pretty little edits? We are tasked with two things here. Entertaining and Delivering information. Some of our staff see us as a corperation of sorts, who think "Business" in a place it is unneeded. We are a community, not a hierarchy. 

Removing a portion of the wiki because it "spams the activity feed" is a show of idiocy, laziness, selfishness, and carelessness. It is one of the most important sections of the wiki, and could be compared to removing an entire game, like all Skyrim articles from the wiki. Plus, I would like to add that this was spoken about in SECRECY, with only a select few of users, mainly moderators, knowing about it, so we could not intervene. During this  vote, I will be using this blog as a reason to oppose, and I ask nothing more but for you all to do the same. We are trying to piece this community back together, while others find fun in hiding the puzzle pieces from us. I assure you, we can all do our best and get this wiki back up to how it was, we just need to get on the same page. This is step one. The first puzzle piece.