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~~Ok so alot ofpeople may be wondering "How do i get in the DB (Dark Brotherhood)?"

It's simple really. Alot of peple say go to whiterun or somin whatever. Just got to Windhelm and go left go up the path and right,You'll see a kid and a dark elf wait for them to shut up then talk to the elf. It'll say somin about a cursed boy then go to the house closest *It sorta forms a bridge across the road* (OPTIONAL: sneak and nt get caught) Then talk to a kid named Aventus. He'll say somthing like " I knew you'd come!" then follow the quest (Also makes it so if you have hearthfire DLC you can adopt kids =)* Then go back and finish it by talking to him, Then Go home (Motel, cottage...etc) and sleep, Whatever you chose for hours itts INSTANT. You'll be greeted by Astrid (She's hanging on a shelf) She'll tell you to kill 1 of 3 people. It doesn't matter. So run, Kill a guy (Or girl) And report back to astrid (Or kill astrid to destroy the brotherhood) Then go to where she tells you, She'll give you DB armor. Do a few quests and congratulations you now in the DB i hope this short tutorial helped you be sure to send email on what you thank at

Thanks for reading~~