Greetings! I'm Mae, and I'm pretty new here. The title probably gave that away though, hehe. ^^; I'm rather clueless about most everything at the moment (it certainly feels that way at least), so even simple things like the workings of talk pages are beyond me. Seeing the well-made profiles of people with pictures and banners and a table of contents, etc. both delights and confounds me; they look really nice, but leave me wondering what kind of magical wiki sorcery they used and how long it'll take me to be able to understand said sorcery. @-@; Being the curious person I am, there's tons of questions floating around my brain, but I'll limit myself to two for now: how does one go about earning or otherwise acquiring those cool little user boxes (I think that's what they're called), and is a newbie like myself capable of obtaining them? Any sort of help would be greatly appreciated, and to the few people who not only clicked on but even read this through to the end, you awesome folks deserve a whole sack of sweetrolls. :3 May your road lead you to warm sands~