The following journal entry was found after the Imperial forces retook the Imperial city from Aldmeri forces, most scholars believe that it was written sometime after the Oblivion Crisis but before the war with the Aldmeri Dominion.

Since society began there has been one constant, the desire for power. Great leaders rise and fall under it's Influence, and the waves of time itself seems to bend at it's will. Perhaps that is where the art of controlling chaos originally came from, that we may never know.
Perhaps I'm getting ahead of myself, my name is Severus and I am a mage of some small renown. Mostly my work has been related to the study of daedra and the very aspects of Oblivion but in my travels I've come across the most interesting art, the art of chaos magic. I learned of this rare, obscure form of magic from a pyromancer in Black Marsh named Zertova, a master of the destruction school. It was from him I witnessed raw, intense power of his chaotic flame, indeed it even made my Dunmer blood boil! It was after me he explained that the flame itself as of normal intensity, what I was feeling was the effect of the chaos he was creating with the flame, an interesting concept indeed.

I was intrigued by this form of magic when I dove further into the research of chaos magic I came across a conspiricy, one that could have horrible reprecussions for us all. A dark, ancient secret buried but not forgotten. I believe I have found an order of people who wish to bring a great cataclysm upon us all, in my research into this I have only managed to recover one aspect of their plan. Something about an "ancient shadow unbound" and the long ago use of an Elder Scroll, I have to assume they are trying to release some darkness using their chaos magic but I still don't have all the details. I took my findings to the elder council but they dismissed me as a madman. It's been a dark time since Martin Septim sacrificed himself to defeat Dagon but I fear a far darker time lies ahead of us. I hope I'm wrong, I hope my theory is mad, and may the Nine perserve us if I'm right.
From the quill of Severus Morvath, small time scholar