• Sifilord

    I Love Skyrim

    April 3, 2012 by Sifilord

    I love Skyrim! My highest level is only 30 Khajiit, but I'm taking my time and doing lots of stuff. My highest skill level is 66 and it's in smithing. I'm almost done with the College of Winterhold quests, kinda stuck on the Thieves Guild quests, Done with all the Dark Brotherhood(except the stuff for the Night Mother), and I'm not very far in the main questline. I only have one house(the Whiterun house), married to Camilla Valerius from Riverwood, and one horse(Shadowmere). My Khajiit is white with black stripes so he can blend in in the Skyrim environment. His name is Draco. My preferred weapon/magic combo is left hand flame spell and right hand sword. Does anybody have any tips for me?

    Hail Sithis!

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