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    Next weeks plans...

    December 10, 2011 by Silozero

    Well all of 4 day's worth, but i hope in that time i've made some good contributions... I funnily find it really theraputic building a full page up from (almost) scratch, sometimes leads to finding items in game and other little bits and a pieces i missed when just charging through dungeons; swords-a-swinging!

    After looking through a hefty amount of pages, i've noticed many (many, many) that are missing images, mostly the world map locations.

    For me that was one of the primary things i started looking at the wiki for, "ok i need to get to Place X" ...uh, now only if i knew where it was..

    So Starting from clean maps, hoping to upload a ton of map images for the various locations. I say clean maps as in, the location, and it's relevant position t…

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