My first large edit of the wiki is complete. Why do I feel so exhausted???

As part of enjoying Skyrim, I've taken time to screenshot as many examples of the Dragon Language that I've come across so far and translating them into English. The joy of being an ex-Linguistics major! Since I seem to be the only one doing this, I'm posting my translations on the Dragon Language page under the new section Text Examples. If anyone else finds other examples, be sure to post a screenshot so I can have a crack at it.

Today's Edit:

  • Reorganized and renamed the content sections (desperately needed, I might add)
  • Reworded the Alphabet and Lexicon sections (also desperately needed)
  • Added the Text Examples section with my own images and translations

My To-Do List:

  • Continue playing Skyrim
  • Wait 2 more days until I get my copy of the game guide
  • Reorganize the Lexicon to include symbols, transcription, translation and possible sources once I have the game guide
  • Continue finding Dragon Walls, Dragonstones and any other examples, translate, post, rinse and repeat!
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