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  • I live in your basement
  • I was born on April 4
  • My occupation is playing video games
  • I am male (at least that's what the doctor said) XD
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    Skyrim Blog

    January 20, 2012 by Sir Duriac

    Hi, I am going to tell you how to defeat the 8 Dragon Priests every time I kill one.

    Morokei- despite other people saying it was hard, I found defeating Morokei to be fairly easy with a Mage style. All I did was simply kill the two mages holding Morokei with a variety of spells and a Frost Atronach. Then when he was free I just blasted him with Fireballs until he came down. Then my follower (Lydia), clothed simply in a full unupgraded set of Blades armor and sword, started to melee attack him. I then resummoned a Frost Atronach to help her. While Morokei was preoccupied with them, I simply blasted him with Ice Storms, Lightningbolts, Firebolts, Ice Spikes, etc. I mainly used the Ice Storm due to the fact that I was using a Frost Atronach, a…

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