:O OMGOMGOMG! 12 MORE DAYS! Well.. I think.. May be 11. Lol. So anyway, with 12 days remaining and Samhain/Halloween/All Hallows Eve tomorrow, I thought I'd have a little think about the darker side to Tamrielic lore, or Cyrodiilic lore if you don't really know everything about other games (I don't but I've played them all ). So I'd like everyone to participate! This is a Skyrim Wikia DARK-TALE contest xD Haha, boredom and the lack of an Xbox (Oh crudbuckets, just realised, HOW AM I GOING TO PLAY SKYRIM WITHOUT IT!??!?! OH FOR -) has driven me to THIS.

I'm going to write stuff about the dark and spooky and evil side of TES, and I want you guys to continue it, in any way. You could follow this, or make a new plot, or continue from somebody else's chapter, or just pitch your own views. Then if you'd like, I'll post the final result on I'll give you all credit!


You are Alarith, a Dunmer, who is escaping a life against the law in Cyrodiil. As a thief and murderer, you spent your life in the safe catacombs of the Dark Brotherhood, placing your trust in the sanctuaries Ocheeva and the Night Mother. During your raid on a nobles mansion in Bruma, the City guard entered and took you. The countess sentanced you to death for the grand theft in the Imperial City and murders of three families and conspiring to kill the Nordic noble. Thrown into the dungeons, it seemed bleak and dull, with no way out. Then chance thrust itself in front of you and broke out of the castle dungeon. You were unable to reach the sanctuary, and fled towards the mountains, where a dark and tainted creature lurked from within a dark, moss-covered cave, with blood dripping from its dislocated jaw...]]

Continue it!! And entertain this girl without a 360 anymore D:

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