This is a dumping ground for various tips I've dug up around the web or found myself while playing. Use at your own peril; I haven't personally tested/verified them all, and some are likely to be dubious or just flat-out wrong. I also haven't made much effort to correct spelling and grammar so far, and may never actually get around to that, as much as it pains me to read in its current form. Feel free to leave a response with any additions/corrections/debunkings etc. -- Skkragggh (talk) 08:20, April 9, 2012 (UTC)

  1. Use a torch while lockpicking and it becomes easier.
  2. Shops and Merchants restock their gold and supplies every 48hours in game.
  3. You can command your follower to pick a lock, pick something up, or even steal and etc...
  4. Mammoths and Giants can't walk on rocky terrain or walk in ponds and water.
  5. Your horse can climb up mountains that you couldn't on foot.
  6. You can place baskets on peoples head and then steal their stuff without them noticing.
  7. You can fast travel while over encumbered with a horse.
  8. Giving gold to a beggar will put a blessing on you that increases your speech skill by 10.
  9. When you break a pick or turn the lock when it's in the wrong position, the pick will "flick" towards the correct position.
  10. When you increase your stamina you also increase your maximum carry capacity by 5.
  11. When paying tutors to upgrade skills, you can pickpocket your cash back. It drops to 50-50 chance at about 2000septims.
  12. Dragons stop flying if you use Ice spells on them.
  13. Mines and Dungeons respawn every month (30 in game days).
  14. The "Impact" perk in the Destruction tree will stop a dragon from breathing fire/frost. This also works with shield bash and power attacks. Just make sure youre in their face. Constantly staggering dragons makes quick work of them. Same with giants.
  15. Re-equiping any item with +## to Maximum Magicka on it, when your mana pool is depleted, will restore that amount.
  16. Arrows are now weightless (alot of people did not notice this).
  17. Using Lvl 3 Unrelenting Force to knock shit off of cliffs will insta-kill all non-flying enemies.
  18. Fire = Damage + Dots (damage over time), Frost = Damage + half of that damage to Stamina, Lightning = Damage + Half of that damage to Magicka.
  19. Lightning > Frost/Fire in regards to speed. (how fast it travels)
  20. Pickpocket someone who shoots target dummies with arrows, and take the arrows they were using (usually iron or steel). Then, give them one of the arrow type you want more of. They will now shoot that type of arrow instead of the one they were shooting before. Simply collect the arrows as they hit the target dummy to get as many arrows as desired. Note: requires the perk to pickpocket equipped weapons. Related: The easiest guy to do this with I've found is the archer inside the Thieve's Guild hideout. He seems to shoot the fastest. Much quicker than using archers in Solitude who just stand there half the time looking at each other
  21. DO NOT KILL THAT CHICKEN. The people will hate you if you are seen. If you are not seen, poeple will move away.
  22. If you go to the fav menu and press left or right on the D pad, you can hotkey the item to that left or right key if you use it frequently. Like potions especially. On PC, you chose 1 thru 8. sorry, pc gets more.
  23. To kill a giant with melee, run around it in circles while hacking and slashing or just stay behind it.
  24. If you want to be a pacifist, chose Nord. Battle cry is great. Devote training to skills like sneak and illusion. That will prevent any mishaps with enemies in the wild. Potions are ideal also. And restoration if an enemy tries to see if it can one hit you and gets close. Become a werewolf if you want to scare poeple more.
  25. In a dungeon, you can turn off the torches to help with sneak attacks. Hiding in the dark enemies can walk right passed you and wont see as long as you are fully in the dark
  26. imperials (or those with great calming skills) should invest some perk points in 1handed for damage and sneak to get 15x crit with daggers. using voice of the empire will cause most enemies to turn their back to you. take that time to sneak and knife them. this has saved me from brutal deaths by lightning blasts multiple times.
  27. Not only do fire spells do the most damage, they seem to also cost less than frost and shock spells.
  28. Atronachs are completely immune to spells of their own type, so if you are mainly a fire spell user, the best atronach to use is the fire one, as you can use your spells without needing to worry about damaging your minion.
  29. Your companion can carry an unlimited number and weight of stuff, but only if you tell them to pick them up in command mode.
  30. You can skip the dialog and go straight to command mode by pointing your cursor at your companion from far enough away that the "talk" option doesn't appear, and holding the 'use' button.
  31. Whirlwind Sprint can be used as a long-jump. There are some areas you can only reach this way.
  32. Go by random townspeople and show off some Shouts (don't attack them). If they've never seen it before, they'll exclaim their surprise or something. Some time after you arrive in any major city, a courier will give you a letter from an anonymous person giving you a misc. quest towards a word wall. You can also talk to Arngeir one of the greybeards, after completing his tasks he can point you to more word walls. Some words can only be learned through the main quest.
  33. Sleeping in a bed you own or a bed at an inn will give you a buff for 8 hours that increases ALL skill gains by 10%.
  34. unlike yourself trees are resistant to fire and ice breath of dragons. if there is a tree around hide behind it.
  35. If you cast various buff spells on yourself before turning into a Werewolf, you keep the buffs once you enter the form, it is a good idea to use spells like Oakskin to help reduce damage.
  36. if you dismount your horse while in water then mount it again, the horse will be able to run and sprint as if it was on land, due to most enemies not going into deep water this is really useful if you want to get somewhere safely
  37. You can get the house in Solitude and it's upgrades for free. Once you have clicked the option to buy the house, and he says "Here's your key" or w/e, quickly turn round and put your gold in the cupboard.
  38. Using enough lightning damage(or drain/absorb magicka) against a dragon will stop them from breathing fire/frost, but they will still do the animation(due to being out of magicka).
  39. If you're suffering from a disease and need to cure yourself immediately, but lack the means to do so, look to the skies. You can shoot hawks to get their feathers, which have the ability to cure disease. Related: Instead of Potions of Cure Disease you can use Hawk Feathers. Since it's the first effect of that ingredient you can just eat them to cure diseases. Cheaper and easier to carry.
  40. If you get yourself a wife she'll cook for you. These "homecooked meals" yield greater health than standard meals.
  41. When finishing the College quests you can train Restoration easily. Learn the Equilibrium spell from the book that you find in the final dungeon, then equip Equilibrium to one hand and the Novice healing spell to the other. Use Equilibrium to damage your health a little and then cast both spells simultaneously. You can hold down both spells for about 90 seconds before you should heal yourself (almost) fully, and you can train Restoration whilst running around.
  42. You can raise Conjuration/Destruction easily too by summoning a wolf familiar and then destroying it with any Destruction spell for 0 coin cost.
  43. When in doubt, manually SAVE often and quit to the dashboard/main screen. As much as we love Skyrim, the unfixed glitches such as lag and freezing errors are pretty bad sometimes.
  44. Dragons attacking you? Got you feeling down and out with no good magic resistance on your side? If you have the spell "Rally", go around buffing up the guards of the town who are shooting arrows and don't forget your companion (either temporary for a quest or personally chosen), they'll love you forever for buffing them!
  45. You can instantly kill Forsworn Briarhearts by pickpocketing their heart.
  46. You can jump up mountains by running back and forth while hitting the hell out of the jump button.
  47. You can climb steeper inclines on foot by facing downslope, moving backwards and mashing jump.
  48. Getting off your horse in the middle of a big attack will likely lead to the horses death.
  49. You can fast travel on your horse if you weigh too much.
  50. If you hide on a higher point than your enemy, you can just keep shooting arrows at it.
  51. If you want a trader to refresh their stock without having to wait for three in-game days, save while standing in close vicinity to the trader you want to refresh, kill them, and then load your previous save. Their stock will have been refreshed with new items. This can be done to your heart's leisure.
  52. Complete the Stones of Barenziah quest early if you never want to have to worry about money again.
  53. Dawnstar has a chest of wonders hidden under three rocks to the left of the mine entrance. Related: Sell your stuff to the Khajit caravans, go to the invisible chest in Dawnstar and all the stuff you sold to them will be in the chest. Related: Also to respawn the stuff quicker go just outside of dawnstar find the khaijit/super cats find one that sells stuff save the game and then attack him then reload the game you just saved and go to the invisible chest. also if the merchants don't have any money when you do save thing it replenishes their gold.this doesn't work if you don't attack someone after your save.
  54. when training with vilkas at jornvaskr (companions building) if you use destruction magic against him instead of using melee weapons your destruction will increase and will not cause any hostility. so simply do this until u get too 100
  55. all alchemy trainers also buy/sell potions so if you train with them they now have same amount of gold you just gave them to buy your potions for.
  56. You can check the upgraded status of an item without having the materials to actually perform the upgrade. For example, I was using an upgraded Ebony Greatsword, and had picked up a Glass Greatsword. I wanted to see how much damage the Glass Greatsword would do, so I went to a Grindstone. I pressed A to see what the damage on the Glass Greatsword would be, and was shown the resulting damage, despite the fact that I didn't have a Refined Malachite in my inventory at the time.
  57. Some may wish to postpone reading skill books until later levels to achieve greater gain, e.g. levelling up from 70 to 71 is a far wider gap than from level 20 to 21. pro tip: use a companion to pick up skill books and remove it from their inventory. can be read later.
  58. a good trick for 360 players. When you're ready to wait, press A to wait and immediately press the guide button. You'll be able to see in the background time will go even faster than it normally does whilst waiting. 24 hours pass in 10-15 seconds.
  59. Always sell before you buy. Might sound obvious but a shopkeeper usually has a cap on the gold they can hold. If you buy something first then their gold might not increase. If you sell to them first, you can then buy from them to top up their gold, and then sell more in one visit.
  60. While in Beast Form you have a roar effect that will scare the bejeesus out of anyone nearby. You can also combine your dash and power attack as a werewolf to do a tackle move that is extremely deadly.
  61. The lockpicking skill gains some XP when you brake lockpicks.
  62. Level up conjuration by casting courage at any NPC or any person who is not attacking you.
  63. If you have Shadowmere, you can level up all combat skills (including Destruction) by attacking it. Shadowmere's health revives almost instantaneously, and he doesn't retaliate.
  64. Enchanting 'Banish' On just about any weapon makes it extremely valuable, this is from just about any soul gem as well.
  65. if you look your follower eye to eye when they're blocking a doorway they'll move.
  66. If u beaten the darkbrother hood questline in solitude 3 emperors bodyguards (name escapes me at the moment) spawn in the tower opposite side of the castle dour court yard. They are hostile but won't attack you, put the difficulty level on master and attack them with iron weapons or destruction spells or bash with shield, when there health gets low heal them with healing hands good way to max out all combat skills and restoration and block.
  67. If your archery skill is high enough, it begins to auto aim for you, all you have to do is have the enemy somewhere within the crosshair.
  68. Make a trainer follow you, use up the 5 training slots, go to trade items and get your gold back. Keep doing this each time you level up.
  69. Transmute Mineral Ore alteration spell, is best skill in game, easy to turn iron ore into silver, and then gold- gets your smithing up quick, then use cheap soul gems to enchant them, gets both to 100 very quickly, THEN you get to sell al that cool jewelry, its a win-win-win situation!!
  70. If you are over-encumbered yet close to a store, you can equip a bow, crouch and aim. You will walk slightly faster than normal walking.
  71. When you use the invisibility spell, it is automatically deactivated when you use something (search a body/open a door/pick up something etc.). To remedy this, use the charged version of the spell, but do not release the spell until the moment after you hit the use key. Right after you finish searching, you will only be visible for a split second before becoming invisible again. Note: This also works for using a door to access a new area.
  72. Help shadr in riften to access free horses. If your horse dies, just go back to the riften stables to get another one. Never buy a horse again. In fact, do this as soon as you start playing no matter what type of character you are creating.
  73. Save your Level Ups for when in major combat. When you level up, all of your Magicka, Health, and Stamina is replenished fully so you'll save a number of potions. I usually do this in tough dungeon or dragon battles when my health is extremely low, and it works wonders.
  74. In some Dwemer ruins there are pistons that shoot upwards, if you stand on them you can sometimes get to secret places.
  75. Use the Throw Voice shout to attract your prey to a specific spot. Once they stop moving, snipe them with your bow from a nice vantage point and get some easy kills. Or set up traps with spells and attract enemies into it. Related: Those lacking the throw voice shout, can fire an arrow at points they want enemies to investigate.
  76. When you level up, select Stamina to increase your carry limit by 5.
  77. Draugr are very simple to escape from. (regular Draugr) If you feel in danger, run back through the dungeon until you find a door, or a crevice, and hide there. They usually don't go back more than 2-3 rooms, if you sprint. Though running down a long hallway, and through some rooms is ideal.
  78. Dismiss your followers at their 'home' location. They can get stuck on the trip back & become lost to you.
  79. Use Unrelenting Force at the feet of a stuck follower to dislodge them.
  80. You can place arrows onto the body of a person or animal you've just killed and remove them again, simultaneously removing any 'stuck' arrows. An enemy's quiver may remain stuck, however.
  81. Dragon Priests are really easy to kill with a bow, arrows, shadows/darkness, and a lot of patience.
  82. Put the muffle enchant on your party member's boots to prevent them from throwing off your position, saves ordering them around constantly as well.
  83. The Unrelenting Force shout makes collecting butterfly wings, torchbugs, and the like easy. Using it on the small insects will kill them, but leave their wings etc. on the ground where they died, and you can just pick them up. In fact, you could probably do this with any shout that does damage.
  84. 'calm' plus stealth backstabbing is a great way to take out most monsters in a one-on-one situation (except dragons/daedras/undead and automatons - unless you have the relevant illusion perk)
  85. I've noticed that if you enchant a weapon with paralysis and try to sneak attack with it, the sneak attack will fail if they resist the paralysis. I think the same goes for soul trapping. This is clearly a stupid glitch. Therefore don't enchant your daggers/bows with paralysis if you're a stealth character.
  86. Making an iron dagger gives as much xp as any other iron items, saving you much gold and easily levelling up your smithing. It takes about 10-13 iron daggers to level up your smithing at levels 90-100. If you enchant the daggers with petty souls, they become worth 200-280 , making a good return on investment.
  87. You can kill exposed Draugr while they're still sleeping in the coffins if you have a good enough sneak, or you can just shoot em with arrows.
  88. As long as they are sleeping, the ghosts in Yngvild can be fed from by a vampiric character, although I don't know if this counts as a feeding since ghosts don't have blood. Related: They can also be frenzied/calmed etc without the need of master of the mind perk...
  89. When trapping a smaller soul than the gem intended for, just drop it on the ground and it will empty itself. Eg. If you trapped a petty soul in a grand soulgem, just drop it on the ground and pick it up again.
  90. if you free Derkeethus from Darkwater Pass he can become your companion and is apparently invincible.
  91. Whiterun is the best place to grab a quick bite if your character is a vampire. The guard barracks always has at least one person sleeping within, day or night.
  92. If you fall into the water from high place you will not die
  93. Running as a werewolf is the fastest way of overland travel.
  94. if you’re in a dark place and don’t have any torches… Turn up the BRIGHTNESS! This also lets you see enemies before they see you sometimes, even if you’re not sneaking.
  95. You can manually equip pickaxes and "attack" rocks with them to get ores.
  96. You can noclip (on any console) into the Thalmor Embasy and start the main questline's 'Diplomatic Immunity' without doing any of the former quests. This is how I defeated Alduin without even starting Dragon Rising (and thus, no dragons)
  97. If you get the Jagged Crown before its quest, it will not be marked a quest item.
  98. If you get the Ebony Blade before the quest, it will be marked quest item.
  99. You can reach Throat of the World well before its quest by using your horse.
  100. Dead Thralling an enemy and the changing areas (so that a tip pops up) will restore all their armour they had on. This works for eg: Cicero and Boethiah's Champion to get multiple sets of their armour.
  101. sneak attacks with daggers are completely silent. so pretend there are two people next to eachother. if you sneak behind one and kill them with a dagger, the other wont notice, but if you use any other weapon, the other guy will notice no matter how good your sneak.
  102. You can do a silent roll move without have thing perk. To do it crouch into your sneak stance jump and hold forward and the sprint button, when you land you'll roll even though you don't have the sneak perk.
  103. You can easily level the pickpocket skill by reverse pickpocketing items into NPCs, then pickpocketing them back.
  104. When creating a new character, you can set yourself up to skip the initial cutscenes by saving the game as everyone piles out of the wagon. Since character creation starts just after, you can essentially reuse this save to make a new character whenever you want (just be sure to start a new save so you can keep using the old one to make more characters quickly).
  105. Azura's Black Star holds all types of souls despite its description - Not just those of a n NPC
  106. After you get the horn of Jurgen Windcaller to the Greybeards, you can return it to it's place (where Delphine left you the note) for a free dragon soul.
  107. Using Unrelenting Force on the large globe hanging over the Silent City in Blackreach will summon a dragon to attack you.
  108. If an NPC is paralyzed for however many seconds, they can be pick-pocketed of anything without failure, despite the percentage (Even if it's at zero.)
  109. If a dragon is going to kill you,find water and dive under and heal,also works for almost all enemys.
  110. No matter how tempted you are or how much you want it to happen, you are not able to kill children in Skyrim.
  111. An item marked as stolen may change regular if put in a NPC then kill the NPC loot it back.
  112. Using lvl 3 Marked For Death on a Drougr Death Overlord lets you one hit it with a base steel sword (tested lvl 38, 46, 69, 81)
  113. The Notched Picaxe is at the top of the Throat of the World (you may need a horse to get it) and has plenty of ore around it.
  114. The Oghma Infinium does not count as a skill book.
  115. A dragon skeleton will move RIDICULOUSLY EASY if shot at with magic (projectile/missile-style only). If you were to, say, load a dragon body with a thousand pounds of stuff, and hit it with a firebolt spell? That'll send the bones flying in that direction.
  116. if you go to the Daedric museum at level 20 or over you can pick the lock on the display case of a piece of paper,use sparks on it and it will turn into a bucket that you can't pick up.
  117. You can destroy the Dark Brotherhood instead of joining them.
  118. After Kodlak's funeral, you can create ancient nord armor and weapons at the Skyforge.
  119. if you crouch,and hold a one hand weapon and the other nothing you can super fast punch
  120. To advance in Blocking / onehanded / twohanded skills, find an easy target such as a bandit who will try to kill you with a sword etc and block block block hit them, if they get low on health just heal them. repeat. fast leveling on those skills.
  121. After two weeks in-game time, Shadowmere will respawn in the place of death after she is killed.
  122. becoming a vampire lets the game flag you as undead. Which means that with the necromage perk, which apparently makes spells work better on undead, pretty much all the enchantments on armour and clothes work better. Related: Specifically, this increases the Magnitude of any effect the game implements as a spell (or Duration if it has no Magnitude) by 25%. This means Potions, Spells, Shouts, and Enchanted equipment. For example, if a vampire with Necromage equips Morokei, they will get +125% Mana Regen instead of +100%.
  123. You can only choose 80 perks to increase, so choose wisely.
  124. If you get a dagger, and sneak up behind one of the praying greybeards, in high hrothgar, you can repeatedly stab them in the back, to get your sneak up.
  125. If you get the conjuration spell, Soul trap you can use it over and over again on a dead body, and level up your conjuration.
  126. Talk to an elf (Dark elf I think) in riften and speak to him. He's called ungrien. When you speak to him, you can ask him about maven black briar, and it gives you and option to persuade. You can just do this over and over again, to get speech better. Related: If you go to the meadery in riften,talk to the guy at the counter,he will say a thing or 2,then you get the option to persuade him.even though you succeed to persuade him,the option will be there every time you speak to can do this over and over for about 5 minutes to increase your speechcraft to 100 easily
  127. If you're in sneak mode, jump and hold down the sprint button as you fall back down. You'll do a dodge-roll even if you don't have the perk. Dodge-rolling makes no noise, if I remember correctly. Related: the silent roll tip can also be done by sneaking holding run and unsheathing a weapon, also sometimes upon resheathing you will do two simultaneous rolls.
  128. There is an undocumented/unlogged quest involved a jump from Bard's Dive Rock. You get to meet the ghost of someone who didn't live the jump and get a song for free. But, it's only once and you never get to see it again.
  129. When you have joined the thieves guild,if you steal in riften and get caught a few times and bribe the guards,no one in the guild will like you,then you have to pay vex 1000 coin so they will talk and give you quests again.
  130. Get 70 speech to get investor perk then go to riverwood invest with Alvor the smith then go to the riverwood trader and bam he has about 11250 gold to play with.
  131. do the battle for whiterun quest in the civil war quest line BEFORE your save file hits 10mb... and before you start fitting the whole of Skyrim into your chest in Breezehome... trust me you'll be a lot happier.
  132. if you want free dragon souls go back to a 'cleared' dragon wall, after a few days/weeks (ingame time) - I don't exactly know how long you have to wait. There should be a new dragon there (might be ancient if you're over 50) - kill it and you'll get a new dragon soul!
  133. If your manequin is glitched and moved from it's proper place, just unequip/re-equip the manequin and it will move back in their proper place. (This works for sure in Riften).
  134. If you are caught committing a crime, and you can kill all the witnesses before they report you, your bounty will go away.
  135. Weapons equipped in the left hand are drawn instantly, rather than going through the 'drawing' animation.
  136. if you are a werewolf/lycan if you want to skip feeding then you can roar just as you crouch down and you still get the effects of the feed i.e. extended bloodlust and health.
  137. When doing the Diplomatic Immunity quest, wearing Hooded Thalmor Robes allows a High Elf to walk through the Embassy and Courtyard unmolested. Once you get into Elenwen's Solar, you'll have to fight or sneak as normal, but until then, you don't have to fight at all. I'm not sure what happens if you're not a High Elf; presumably, you're fine as long as you don't get close to anyone.
  138. In caves there is usually a flammable substance on the ground, lighting it with "flames" can make your job easier, though it will hurt you if you stand too close.
  139. Khajiit have a racial perk which allows them to deal extra damage with unarmed strikes. couple this with the Heavy Armor perk "Fists of Steel" and the gloves found on Gian the Fist underneath Riften- and you'll never need a weapon again.
  140. at the beginning of the Dark Brotherhood questline, you can pickpocket the Blade of Woe from Astrid. if done successfully, you can actually gain two versions of the same blade; once from the pickpocket, and again when Astrid dies towards the end of the questline.
  141. Combining two ingredients is fine, but three is where it's at when making cash/levelling.
  142. in morthal ask about the fire, and eventually just let lealette attack you from a distance to become a vampire with no danger of being hurt. also you can stand close to her to level what ever armor you have.
  143. while falling down a sheer mountainside toggle sneak to slow down and take no damage. you must be up against the wall.
  144. when you shoot dwemer constructs with arrows they always bounce off, so make sure to look around and pick them back up.
  145. the clear skies shout will stagger opponents and it only takes about five seconds to refill.
  146. Ravage Health damages the target's Max Health. If an enemy has 100 health, and they get hit with a 25 point Ravage Health effect, their Max Health is only 75. This is really only useful for enemies with Health Regen, which are rather rare (as far as I know, only Trolls and Frost Trolls have Health Regen).
  147. Using a Standing power attack can be followed up with 2 normal attacks that are twice as fast as normal. Only tested with a single sword fyi
  148. etheral shout + dragonhide = sexytime. Your shout will be available again before dragonhide runs out (if u dual-cast it) so you can stay in dragonhide mode for a long battle!
  149. Your carrying capacity doesn't apply when in beast form
  150. Use the marked for death shout to cancle the regenerative affects on trolls. This is good for non magic users or those on lower levels. It also lowers their armour rating.
  151. You can get the first 2 words of Whirlwind Sprint by killing another dragon, and spending the soul from it after you get the word from Borri, but before he gives you the soul. Works with other Shouts you get this way, but it's most handy at the beginning of the game, because the 2 word sprint will get you to more places which are otherwise unavailable.
  152. You can just give your follower 1 of any arrow you want to replicate, and loot them from the bodies. Or, if you're not an archer, get a good one, and give them 1 Daedric arrow. (If you can find one, good luck.) That makes most battles a lot easier, and the damage is usually high enough, they will almost always select the bow over other weapons.
  153. 2handed Bound weapons replace whatever's in your other hand, so you you can keep a sword in your right, and cast BB with your left. When the effect wears off, there's your sword again. Also works with other spells.
  154. Not all enemies are level proportionate. Bandits get better gear, but still pretty much suck. (If they were any good, they'd be Adventurers!) Draugr go up in type, regular ones turn into Lords, Restless ones into Wights, and so forth. DPs and Falmer are always harder per level. So is Alduin, and other scripted dragons.
  155. Gear, and enemies are set the first time you visit a cell. So, if you're having trouble with a particular fort, or dungeon, leave (Unless it's a drop-in) level up, and come back more powerful. Works on DPs, and Falmer. Expect the loot to be relatively sucky, though.
  156. Spell Absorption works on Poison, Diseases, regular fires like burning oil, and a whole slew of other mundane effects. So, pure warriors, and thieves can actually benefit most from the Atronach Stone, because they don't care about magika generation, but it gives them a chance of soaking all kinds of damage.
  157. If you are unsure whether or not a draugr will be popping out of that coffin ahead of you, cast fireball on the lid. Fireball is often powerful enough to slay most any draugr you come across, and the blast radius of the impact will hit them through the lid. The draugr are still lootable, too, since if the draugr is killed this way then it results in the lid being blown off of the coffin. Related: Fire Rune, and Flame Cloak also hit through the lid. The rune is nice at lower levels (25-50 destruction), because it's an Apprentice spell with 20% higher damage than fireball, while Flame Cloak is nice for running around a crypt, and sweeping sarcophagi/shelves of Draugr before they get up. Just try not to get hit with the falling lids. If you can cast both Flame Cloak, and Fire Rune, it can even help with Dragon Preists, because they hover a moment after popping up, and you can keep hitting them with other spells like firebolts before they start scooting away. This may not kill them outright, but can put a sizable dent in their health bar. Works best with Otar the Mad.
  158. Your Magica regenerates faster with your hands down. (IE "Sheathed.")
  159. Followers have their default equipment that isn't normally visible in their inventory. When they leave your service (being dismissed, being replaced during the companion quests, ...) they get another set, so eventually they can't carry anything else.
  160. Unrelenting Force sets off traps, including being able to knock enemies back into the trap. If there is an item on a pressure plate keeping an arrow or fire trap cycling, Unrelenting Force will knock it off allowing you to get by.
  161. Apparel and weapon upgrades take no time, so if you drink 1 Fortify Smithing potion, it will let you upgrade as many apparel or as many weapons as you can carry.
  162. When you come across maps such as the one upstairs In Dragonsreach, clicking the flags will adds the locations to your map.
  163. Forts have their bandits replaced by Soldiers of one, or the other faction, so you can clean them out repeatedly. Great for grinding combat skills.
  164. Many Ruins get taken over by Bandits later too, including Helgen.
  165. You can get an invincible companion dog to fight for you with another human companion at the same time by speaking to Lod at Falkreath to find his dog Barbas. Progress with the quest until Barbas begins following you, just don't complete the quest and there you go. Barbas is not only an essential NPC, he is basically unhurtable (he doesn't even kneel down like other companions when there health reaches 0) and has a decent attack. He is annoying though since he always bumps into you and moves you when you stand still.
  166. If the NPC you need to talk to for a quest won't talk to you because you're trespassing, wait until they are near an exit. Then click on them, and before they finish the "you shouldn't be here" dialog, click on the exit. Because you left while they were talking to you, they will follow you outside, and outside you can click on them and advance in the quest.
  167. Ice storm goes right through walls, and other Obstacles. If you know they're there, you can hit them without being exposed. Blizzard too, you can clean out all of the Thalmor Embasy, as well as other tough areas with 3 scrolls of Blizzard
  168. Armourer skill can be increased quite easily by repeatedly making iron daggers as the skill progession system increases based on the quantity not the quality of item.
  169. Disenchanting the 'Shield of Solitude' will give you an enchanced form of magic resistance.
  170. The Blade of Woe requires nothing to upgrade it.
  171. The status ailments of Marked for Death stack, so repeatedly using the level one shout is an easy way to defeat tough enemies.
  172. Enchanting stolen items removes the (stolen) tag, but not the bounty. So, you can still get arrested, and have to pay it off, but when you get out, you'll still have the item. This doesn't work with Smithing, but also works with Alchemy ingredients. So, if you can escape town, and get to an Arcane Enchanter, you can come back, pay off the bounty, and keep the item. (Only works on weapons, and apparel.)
  173. When you pay off a gaurd you can pick-pocket the money back.
  174. At level 100 pick-pocket you can steall the clothes off people's backs
  175. An easy way to train destruction is to activate a magic cloak near a hostile NPC or summoned familiar, and use the Heal Other spell to keep them alive. You can train block and armour skills at the same time, since you are essentially just shielding/taking hits.
  176. The Slow Time dragon shout can be used to dodge arrows and spells with ease. This is especially useful on the last few quests of the main storyline.
  177. f you don't finish the thieves guild quest with Mercer Frey to kill Karliah, Mercer will continue to follow you AND fight for you no matter where you go. He seems impossible to kill as well so if you can get past him shoving past you and then telling you what a coward you are (charming!) you can have him AND a mercenary with you.
  178. In the beginning of the game, if you sided with the Imperials, and you followed Hadvar into the caves, once you get to the part were the bear is, before you see the bear, crouch down and face Hadvar and start attacking him. You can attack him with anything you want but don't let him die! My friend did this and he got his Destruction and various other attacking skills to VERY high levels. The best part is...he won't kill you! Again. DON'T let him die. It also levels-up your Sneak if you're crouching.