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    All right,so EVERYONE knows you can't divorce your spouse in Skyrim without murder.but here are the things you need to divorce in Skyrim:

    • Animal Extermination quest completed
    • 5000 gold
    • Dragon Rising quest completed
    • Wive/Husband

    and,if you want to spend cheap:

    • Pickpocket a guards' Amulet of Mara

    So here's what you'll do:

    With Dragon Rising Completed,you are probably thane.with the 5000 gold,buy breezehome.move in with your spouse.Then,go become a member of the circle,which in case you dont know,is a group of werewolves,a part of the Companions.Then,go into breezehome,turn into a werewolf and claw your spouse,then feed on him/her.remember,Werewolf and human crimes are tracked separately.


    Skyrim Addict115 (talk) 16:58, July 16, 2012 (UTC)

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