The Apprentice robes of destruction are pretty good robes, and not to hard to

get either.

Here are some ways to get the Apprenice robes of Destruction

Firts way is you can buy them from faralda right outside the college of 
winterhold she sells them. 

Second way is if you join the college of winterhold the master wiz gives you the robes if you don't know how to join the college this is how you join: First you go to winterhold then you go to the college. Faralda will be waiting for you 
she will start blabling on then you'll have to make your person say "HOW CAN I 
GET IN?"' she'll say you'll have to do a spell I'm not sure if it's the same 
spell everytime anyway then she'll say a girl named miribell will be waiting for you and your have joined.

And the third way is enemeys can drop'em