Attentions, players of ESO! As the early access and official launch date is coming, you surely want to prepare as well as you possibly can. Here are the officially published FAQs about the early access and official launch of ESO:

  • Server opening time for 5-day Early Access

Both the North American and European megaservers will open at 7:00 AM EDT, Sunday March 30th.

  • Server opening time for 3-day Early Access

Players will be able to log into the game starting at 7:00 AM EDT, Tuesday April 1st.

  • Server opening time for official launch.

Both the North American and European megaservers are planned to open at 7:00 PM EDT, Thursday April 3rd, but may change.

  • Game clients

Beta clients can be continued to use after patching. To patch your client please start your ESO Launcher and click the Update button. For those who don't have a client yet, please log in to your account on the official ESO site and download the client.

  • Explorer's Pack

Explorer's Pack will be available as long as players either pre-purchase at the ESO online store or pre-order from retailers prior to official game launch. The Scuttler Vanity Pet and Bonus Treasure Maps will be sent via in-game mailbox starting from official launch.

  • Beta characters

Beta characters and other benefits cannot be carried over from beta.

  • Monkey vanity pet

Players who participated in ESO beta will get a monkey vanity pet. Please check the in-game mail on 4. 4. 14 for more information.

  • Imperial Edition in-game items

The Imperial White Horse can be purchased for 1 gold from any stable starting from early access. The Mudcrab Vanity Pet will be sent via in-game mailbox from official launch. The Ritual of Mara will be sent via in-game mailbox from official launch. Standard Editions can be upgraded to digital Imperial Editions starting on 4. 4. 14.

  • Characters and servers

Individual characters will be bound to the server they're created. Each account can maintain a total of 8 characters per server and a total of 16 on both server.

  • Payment methods and multi-month subscription plans

Players will be able to select a preferred subscription plan after the early access period. Players can either purchase Game Time cards from a retailer or use a credit card. Multiple payment methods are accepted including American Express, Visa, MasterCard, WebMoney, etc. There will be 30-day, 90-day and 180-day payment cycles and discounts.

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