Recently Zenimax Online published an article on the official site of ESO, featuring what players can do when they reach the level cap of 50. Like many other MMO games, reaching the highest level doesn't mean the end of the journey because there are still a lot of contents waiting for players. As Creative Director Paul Sage explains, the philosophy behind the core systems of ESO - play the way you want to play - has extended to the Veteran Content, which will be experienced in:

  • Solo or duo PvP
  • Small group PvP
  • Large group PvP
  • Solo or duo PvP
  • Four person group PvE (Veteran Dungeons)
  • Craglorn (Adventure Zone)
  • Twelve person group PvE

What's more, Zenimax Online also promised to introduce new systems which will add to both the pre- and post-level 50 game in the future.