Matt Firor, game director of The Elder Scrolls Online has put out the latest monthly update The Road Ahead - August 20. Here are the key features he mentioned:

  • The migration of European megaserver is completed and they received reports of less latency.
  • Combat has been tweaked to more responsive. More tweaks of combat system will be released in Update 5.
  • They're actively dealing with exploits and cheats.
  • Loyalty Program, a new feature that will give players special in-game rewards for spending their time subscribed to ESO, will be introduced later this week. Starting out with an Ice Wraith vanity pet.
  • Update 4 will include:
    • Upper Craglorn, the final region of Craglorn;
    • the Serpent Trial, a new trial for a group of 12 players;
    • the Dragonstar Arena, PvE event for a group of 4 players.
  • Leaderboards will be wiped due to exploits in trials.
  • Developers are working hard on Champion System, a system to replace Veteran system and encourages growth in players' characters for as long as they wish.
  • More players are needed to help on Public Test Server.
  • Several updates can be expected to see in the future including new facial animation system, improved grouping, fixes to player separation issues, Imperial City, Justice System and Spellcrafting.