The latest the Road Ahead has been published. In the article, game director Matt Firor says they have done a lot since launch and the game is much better than it was at launch. In the future, they're bringing ESO to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in 2015, and one of the largest updates (Update 6) will hit Public Test Server in January. In the meantime they'll continue bringing small patches to the game.

Update 6 will be including the Champion System and the Justice System, both have been discussing for a few months. The Champion System is a new post-level 50 system that aims to replace the Veteran System which will be including Champion Passives and many ability changes. For Justice System, they will introduce the PvE elements first, including the ability to steal from vendors, pickpocket and kill NPC. PvP elements of Justice System will be released when it's ready.

There's still no launch date for console versions of ESO but they are working steadily and they want to include Champion and Justice Systems in console release. They're also making new user interfaces and voice chat for console versions for better controller and living room play experience.