In the latest released The Road Ahead, game director Matt Firor mainly talks about the future of the Loyalty Program, the philosophy of the Crown Store, ESO Plus, and console release and transfers.

  • There will be two more loyalty rewards—the Mask of Cheerful Slaughter and a special Striped Senche (giant cat) mount, before the release of Tamriel Unlimited. Then the Loyalty Program will retire.
  • The items players could buy in the Crown Store will serve as either visual upgrade or time-saving purpose.
  • Members of ESO Plus will get bonuses to in-game leveling systems, 1500 crowns to spend in the Crown Store each month, and access to all DLC game packs for the duration of their membership.
  • Console versions will have completely new user interface, built-in voice chat system, as well as many features that take advantage of the built-in services that the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offer.
  • Console transfer costs $20 and can be set up before June 9th.