The The Elder Scrolls Online Development team has announced their plans for the game over July.


ZOS will be out in force with The Elder Scrolls Online at QuakeCon in Dallas from July 17th through the 20th. They'll have their own panel and there will be hands-on stations and a Q&A session. Some of the upcoming updates of Elder Scrolls Online will be discussed at QuakeCon.

EU Megaserver Update

The EU Megaserver will be migrated to Frankfurt data center between the last week of July and the first week of August.

Veteran Rank System

Changes of Veteran rank system will continue and they will lead to a much more compelling high-level PvE experience.

  • Phase 1: Lower difficulty in Veteran Zones. This change came to the live servers on July 7th with update patch 1.2.5.
  • Phase 2: Remove the Veteran Point system, introduce the normal experience point system and increase the XP gained from PvP. This change will be applied over the summer.
  • Phase 3: Introduce a completely new Veteran System based on new character customization and growth mechanics. This change will be dicussed more in the near future and at QuakeCon.

Guild Enhancements

As part of Update 3, guild system enhancements will be coming to Public Test Server soon. These updates are aimed to making sure that guilds are easy to create, fun to join and manage, and provide players with a social group that helps them in their journey through Tamriel. Guild enhancements will be focusing on guild management, guild bank, guild store and guild heraldry. Guild store can be browsed by other players in the guild’s alliance through kiosks of the Gold Coast Trading Company or an owned keep in Cyrodiil.

Class Builds and Balance

The development team will continue working on class balance and they explain that they make class balance changes very slowly because they can have a big impact on players' gaming experience. They're working on Werewolf, Templar, Dragonknight, Nightblade and more.

Itemization and Rewards

A few changes will be made to itemization and quest rewards:

  • New armor sets that are visually distinct from others.
  • A new system that makes it easier to find complete sets in-game.
  • Item rewards will be handed out in a more logical fashion by quests and enemy drops.


Developers are making changes to animations, audio, timing, server network optimization, and other factors to make combat more engaging.

Armor Dyeing

An Armor Dyeing system will be introduced as part of Update 3 and will be on Public Test Server soon.

Update 3 Preview

Update 3 Preview Video01:56

Update 3 Preview Video