Zenimax Online is starting to lower the difficulty of veteran zones, which I think is totally against what they originally wanted it to be. One of the original concept of veteran zones is to encourage grouping. Now they're making it easier to solo.

In an official post in the ESO forum they say, "One of the guiding principles of our Veteran gameplay was to encourage you (not force you) to group. We wanted you to be able to reach max level by playing solo if you wished, but still encourage you to group with others along the way." They're now making it like "you’ll be able to solo much more easily".

I think the real problem is not the difficulty, it's actually not many people are playing in veteran zones so we can't not group (or work) with other players. I play on EU server I haven't seen a lot of people playing in veteran zones yet, especially veteran rank 6 to 10 zones. Other than in European evening, it's hard to find people to complete dolmens and kill world bosses together. Even nobody is in public dungeons. But still in European evening it's easier to find other players to play with. It's fun to have other people to play with. So I prefer the original concept to encourage grouping, if we have more players in veteran zones. Maybe as time goes by, more and more people will play in veteran zones.

More importantly I think Zenimax Online should just stick to what they were originally working on, not changing the whole thing to satisfy some people. Nobody can satisfy everyone at the same time. When you satisfy some people, others may dislike it. When you try to satisfy those who're not satisfied, still some people like it and some people dislike it. You just need to do what you think is right and make some minor changes to improve it in the way you want, not like this, overturning the whole thing and trying to satisfy all the people. There's an old saying, go your own way, let others talk.